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price guide

Almost everything I make is a one-off. That makes it pretty difficult for me to give you an idea of cost. Obviously, make it ‘bling’ and the sky’s the limit, but as a rough guide the average dining table can be anything from £1500 - £3000. A sideboard or console table usually costs around £2500. Chests or dressers to fit an alcove start around £2500. Cutting dovetails and accurately fitting a drawer takes a lot of time, so something with lots of drawers can become expensive, even if it’s quite a small piece of furniture. Designs that are very curvy tend to take a little longer to make too, because most tools and machines cut in straight lines! Deliveries to those of you further a field is done at cost. Paris is the farthest I’ve been so far, but I’m happy to break that record!

If you’re curious, then remember that talking costs nothing. Get in touch and I’ll give you a feel for what your idea might cost.

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